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PRACTICE session

digitizing your golf swing,

enhancing your practice efficiency

Practicing at Tour Mechanics is simply awesome.

We provide 4 types of feedback to enhance golfers' practice experience and therefore create more effective and efficient result to their golf games.

Trackman data

Golfers can understand their impact factors through TrackMan simulation and data. TrackMan is used by the most of the best golfers in the world to capture their impact data so that they can divert their energy practicing the right moves.

TrackMan Video.png

video practice

Golfers can review their own swing motion through TrackMan's video capturing feature. With such feature, every shot will be captured by cameras and be shown on the TrackMan interface which golfers can analyze and share their videos by just a few c


TrackMan simulation courses allow golfers to rehearse their practice results to an on-course experience. Golfers can enjoy playing courses around the world on their own choices picked from the list of over 100 courses built into the TrackMan software.



Junior golfers might like games to go together with their practices and TrackMan simulation provides various games to arouse their interest and creates a fun but competitive environment for groups of junior golfers to grow their golfing interests.

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