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Biomechanics analysis

comprehensive analysis using technologies trusted by tour pros

Operated by experienced coaches, our Biomechanics Analysis is done through using not just TrackMan as an impact factors reader but also a few other sensor systems to track how golfers' bodies move throughtout the whole swing. We would provide golfers with thorough reports about findings we have done during the session about body motions, wrist motions and pressure shifting motions. At the end of the session our coaches would also provide an instruction on how to read the data as well as an improvement note.

enhanced biomechanics analysis

Utilizing the same technologies used in the Biomechanics Analysis, golfers would enjoy the privilege of using the same technologies to continue their lessons. These lessons are targeting avid golfers who love monitoring their progress about certain characteristics in their swings and improve their playing abilities.


Trackman data

Golfers can understand their impact factors through TrackMan simulation and data. TrackMan is used by the most of the best golfers in the world to capture their impact data so that they can divert their energy practicing the right moves.

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